, A Journey through Sikh History


HISTORICAL GURUDWARAS CHARITABLE & RESEARCH FOUNDATION is registred charitable trust under Punjab societies Registeration Act at Mohali. Punjab and as name defines are websites dedicated to the HISTORICAL GURUDWARA SAHIBís in the World. The main idea behind developing these websites is to cover and provide all the information related to every HISTORICAL PLACE that has a specific relation in the Sikh History. These websites are having every detail of these Historical Gurudwara Sahibís - The story behind the existence of the same. In these websites you will find all the relevant information related to the historical places in Sikh history, right from the story to the pictures of the same. Moreover you will find the basic information about Sikh Religion and their ethics. We are trying to cover all the GURUDWARA SAHIBís related to all the sacred personalities starting from Ten GURU SAHIBís till Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji and Baba Banda Singh Ji Bahadur.

Website is responsive site in English language whereas website is static in English, Punjabi as well as Hindi language for easy accessibility and understanding of Sikh history.


Listing :- The main idea behind these websites is to provide the listing to all the HISTORICAL GURUDWARA SAHIBís around the world. To provide details of the sacred Belongings preserved at different GURUDWARA SAHIBís and Relation of that particular place in the Sikh History.

Provide accurate Information about History :- The information we generally find on internet is not accurate and is not up to the mark, incomplete or is mixed up that its very difficult to understand. So we by visiting all the HISTORICAL GURUDWARA SAHIBís personally collect the correct information and display it on website in all the three Major Languages English Punjabi and Hindi. Also we have uploaded the History Board of GURUDWARA SAHIBís which was put by the governing bodies of the Gurudwara Sahib itself.

To Provide the matter in All Languages :- Currently These websites are made in English Punjabi as well as Hindi Languages So that people from all the regions of world are able to read and Understand the Sikh History.

Highlight the requirements for maintenance :- Some of the sacred places around the world needs a serious attention before they gets extinct. On the website we provide the list of those GURUDWARA SAHIBíS also, who need serious attention and funds to keep the Sikh History alive, as being historical GURUDWARA SAHIBíS they have a special place in our history.

Belongings of GURU SAHIB :- Under this link we provide the Details of Personal Belongings of different GURU SAHIBís and other Sikh personalities that are preserved at different GURUDWARA SAHIBís.

Aged & Disabled :- The old aged people who cannot travel or people who are living abroad and cannot come to India so frequently because of their day to day routines, all of them can have a look on all these GURUDWARA SAHIBís. Moreover, they will have the access to detailed info about the History of the sacred place.

For the training purposes :- This data base can be used for training purposes. And it is going to be quite helpful to all those who want to know and want to learn more about Sikhism, especially to Students to know more about the historical places related to Sikh history.

Plan Trips :- People going for religious trips can plan their Trip when they have the information of all the GURUDWARA SAHIBís situated at particular Place they are planning to visit. They can get the idea of number of GURUDWARA SAHIB situated, Distance from Each other and way of reaching there.

WAY TO GO ABOUT THIS :- We personally visit each and every GURUDWARA SAHIB to get the first hand information of the History, Location, Personal Belongings preserved there. We meet the local people at GURUDWARA SAHIB (Sewadars and Granthi Singhs) to ask them about History of that place and Other HISTORICAL GURUDWARA SAHIBS that are situated near by. Before going to particular GURUDWARA SAHIB firstly we do a research on the Internet and read different books available on that particular GURUDWARA SAHIB to know more about that Historical Place. And before leaving we also do the research to know the best Suitable Road Route to avoid any confusion. As Sometimes GURUDWARA SAHIBís are situated on remote locations so we have to go by our own vehicle rather than going by Bus or Train.

FINANCE :- Currently HISTORICAL GURUDWARAS CHARITABLE & RESEARCH FOUNDATION is managing the project. We are looking forward for your support and contribution in day to day Expenses like Registration, Hosting of website and visiting / Travel expenses to these Sacred Places. So that our team can work more on Sikh history.

FINANCIAL OBJECTIVE :- We are Charitable organisation and We expect your support and contribution for the development of this project and to meet our daily expenses. It is a move initiated to spread the message of holy Guru Sahibs to every human being and more importantly it will provide us a platform to share and learn all about these historical places that have played a special role in the history of Sikhism. We all are the children of almighty Ė Akal Purakh and with his blessings we have created a platform where we can learn about those all sacred places that are all around us.

TARGET :- Our target is to cover each and every HISTORICAL GURUDWARA SAHIB situated in this World. Till now we have only visited HISTORICAL GURUDWARA SAHIBís in INDIA only.

ACHIEVEMENTS :- We started working in Nov 2006 and till now we have visited 1050 GURUDWARA SAHIBís in Bihar, Chandigarh, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab, Rajasthan, UttaraKhand and Uttar Pradesh (Covering total 14 States and UTís). Details of 617 GURUDWARA SAHIBís are available on the website with Photographs and their History.

OTHER WEBSITES :- This is Wordpress website.(Under Development) This portal will be database for all the Gurudwara Sahibs across the world (Non Historical Gurudwara Sahibs). It will be open for people, They will be able to add information (Pictures, Address, Contact Information etc.) of Local Gurudwara Sahib around them. Gradually with time this will grow up as biggest database of Gurudwara Sahibs of world. :- This portal will assist people in arranging tours to the Historical Gurudwara Sahibs.

Mobile Application :- We have Mobile apps for Both Andriod as well as IOS. It helps in finding Gurudwara Sahib near your surrounding areas. Route to Gurudwara Sahib, Distance of particular Gurudwara Sahib from your location. Gurudwaras in surrounding of Gurudwara Sahib you are planning to visit. And many more features.